Succulent Plant Fertilizer

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Professional Liquid Succulent Fertilizer by EZ-gro | 1:2:1 Ratio of Succulent Plant Food for your Cactus Plant | 8 oz Bottle

PROFESSIONAL BLEND OF NUTRIENTS - The 1:2:1 ratio of nutrients is considered ideal for succulent plants such as cactus

EASY TO USE and EASY TO MIX - Simply add 1 tablespoons to one gallon of water and apply at every watering.

EZ-gro SUCCULENT PLANT FOOD is suitable for all types of succulent plants.

EZ-gro SUCCULENT FERTILIZER with Its high potential acidity is helpful in controlling media pH when moderate to high alkalinity irrigation waters are used. Our special blend of nutrients allows for maximum absorption for excellent plant growth.

MADE IN THE USA - All EZ-gro fertilizers are manufactured and packaged in the USA


EZ-gro specialty fertilizer for succulent plants is a great choice for plants grown in warm conditions. Our succulent fertilizers with its 1:2;1 ratio of NPK is considered ideal for tropical foliage plant growing.
You can use our fertilizer on any indoor succulent plant. Our special blends are safe and effective for any foliage plant that you have. It will leave your plants green and happy.
EZ-gro liquid fertilizers are both easy to mix and easy to use. They mix easily with water and are readily available to your plants each time you water them. Simply add 1 tablespoons to one gallon of water and apply at each watering.
Our fertilizers will help stimulate healthy root growth and make your plants grow faster