About Hydrohort



Founded in 1992, Hydrohort started its journey as EZ-gro, a brainchild of Ray DeBruhl. Ray, who launched the parent company, Transplant Systems, in 1984, initially focused on developing and manufacturing commercial greenhouse growing systems for crops started as transplants. With the same pioneering technology, he adapted these systems and products for homeowners, giving birth to EZ-gro.

EZ-gro's innovative products quickly gained popularity and were distributed nationwide through major big box retailers. As e-commerce began to flourish, the company rebranded itself as Hydrohort, a name that better encapsulates its core expertise in hydroponic horticulture. The EZ-gro name remains a significant brand under the Hydrohort umbrella, along with other emerging brands. Our mission has been to develop products that makes growing easy for the homeowner. Hydrohort manufactures all of its products.


Ray DeBruhl, Agronomist/Horticulturalist, is the visionary founder and owner of Hydrohort. Holding an Agronomic degree from North Carolina State University, earned in 1974. Ray's academic background laid the groundwork for the first scientific agronomic program and patented greenhouse systems for growing greenhouse transplants, setting a new industry standard. His greenhouse systems, fertilizer and water quality work changed an entire industry worldwide, teaching his technology in six foreign countries. Much of his work is available as E-Books to Hydrohort customers. This expertise also led to the development of Hydrohort's hydroponic horticultural products, designed to simplify the growing process for homeowners.